While we build, we need somewhere to live.

We’re planning a tiny house on wheels – basically a cosy little caravan.

The challenge upfront was in downsizing from a house filled with 18 years of accumulated stuff, to a tiny house.

It’s pretty bad when you have to sell your home to get the kids to move out. But it’s a great way for them to start, living together in a unit, with all the familiar things from home. They ended up with the beds, lounges, cupboards, outdoor setting and pretty much the entire kitchen contents.

The piano is being looked after by family, along with 5 boxes containing a few treats I really wanted to keep – a small selection of my favourite bowls/vases, one box of Christmas decorations, one box of kids lego and toys for visitors, one box of memories and one box of books. All paperwork and photos were scanned, with the intention of going paper-free. Everything else I owned had to fit in my car – basically clothes and gadgets. It was immensely liberating.

For the final week, I lived in an empty house with just camping gear while I cleaned. When my sister visited from Texas, I had to ask her to bring her own knife and fork.

I set aside one more box of life’s necessities for the tiny house, shown in the picture above.

It’s important to be able to offer a coffee or cocktail to your guests in a tiny house 🙂