Yay, a warm climate native raspberry. The Rubus Probus is commonly known as the Atherton Raspberry, native to the highlands of North QLD.
Raspberries are pretty much my favourite food on the planet, especially when combined with chocolate. So there will be multiple bushes planted, probably in a raised wooden garden bed.

Excellent information at They can get quite straggly when unprotected, so growing in a wicking bed would be a great idea. Some prickles.


This variety is delicious and juicy, and can be eaten fresh off the bush, or makes an excellent jam, sauce, sorbet, cake – everything.


It grows from 1 to 3m tall, with multiple stems shooting from the ground.
It can grow out of control if not restrained, so it’s best in a large tub or restricted garden bed. It’s a rampant grower with prickly canes and can form an impenetrable thicket.
Likes a lot of light, warmth, water and fertiliser and fruits for a number of months, varying with the climate.


A sorbet/sherbet at
A fun diner-style milkshake at
A simple but handsome raspberry-chocolate pudding at
And the piece de resistance at



Type: Shrub
Height: Medium
Leaf Size: Large
Foliage: Evergreen
Permanence: Perennial


Bush Tucker: Yes
Edible Flower:
Uses: Fruit, Dessert, Jam, Pie, Freeze, Cocktail, Cordial
Fire Retardant: Unknown
Interest: High


Climate Zone: Subtropical
Planting Season: Spring
Harvesting Season: Spring, Summer
Sun/Shade: Full Sun
Soil: Well Drained
Frost Tolerant: A Little
Time to Maturity: 1-2yrs
Watering Preference: Moderate