The Eupomatia laurina is also known as the copper laurel,

It is a handsome, ancient native shrub with strong pleasantly, scented, cream-coloured flowers and a sweet edible fruit, and glossy green elliptical leaves that can tinge red/bronze in cooler weather.


The fruit is globe-shaped, 2cm wide, changing from green to yellow when ripe, with a pale edible flesh (and multiple non-edible seeds) similar to a guava.

The fruit is sweet and aromatic and used in drinks, jams and desserts or eaten raw. It has a strong flavour and works well in conjunction with other ingredients, adding a spicy flavour.


It normally grows between 3m and 5m, although it can reach 15m. It usually grows in the understorey of rainforests in NSW/QLD.

It prefers a protected semi-shaded area and doesn’t like frost and grows well in a tub. Likes moist soils, so mulch well.

Flowers appear in summer, followed by berries ripening in winter. The fruit is ripe when it is soft to squeeze.



Type: Tree, Shrub
Height: Medium
Leaf Size: Large
Foliage: Evergreen
Permanence: Perennial


Bush Tucker: Yes
Edible Flower: No
Uses: Fruit, Spice, Jam
Fire Retardant: Unknown
Interest: High


Climate Zone: Subtropical, Warm Temperate
Planting Season: Spring
Harvesting Season: Winter
Sun/Shade: Partial Sun, Shade
Soil: Moist
Frost Tolerant: A Little
Time to Maturity: 2-3yrs
Watering Preference: Moderate