Researching native plants, permaculture and sustainability has led to some awesome website discoveries. I’ve bookmarked heaps of sites to revisit, including:

I’ve bought books offline:

and online:

  • The Permaculture transition manual
  • The Australian Native Garden
  • Milkwood

This morning’s discovery was absolute pleasure: Milkwood – real skills for down-to-earth living, at

It’s about skills for real life, dedicated to teaching and sharing
permaculture skills. Based in Melliodora in the Victorian central highlands, in a smallholding designed by the originators of permaculture, with an abundance of resources.

The first few blog posts I bookmarked were:

But while writing this post I couldn’t resist buying their new eponymous book “Milkwood”. With chapters specifically for honey, mushrooms and tomatoes, I was sold. I could live on those three foods (mixed in with a few warrigal greens for balance). And as a bonus it was available through Google Books, so I could download it immediately, and also have it available on my trusty tablet in my handbag. Definitely recommended.