I had been following FloGardens online for the last two years – ever since we decided to move up north and build a home. I hadn’t had a pool at home for 40 years, since the old above-ground pool at Eastlakes. So it was a big big fantasy (like owner-building a kit home with a big vegie garden).  Particularly since I’d gotten into the habit of having a swim at the beach in Sydney at 630am in the morning before heading to work most days. The health benefits are tangible.

With a rainforest downhill, there was no way that a chlorine pool was acceptable – the risk of overflow during heavy rain just ruled that out.  So the research began into alternative, natural pools.
There are actually a few options – salt, ozone, magnesium, mineral, and they did sound tempting – particularly the the soothing qualities of magnesium and mineral water pools. But the natural pools solution had got its grip.  

There are  kits for DIY pool builders, but the landscaping and size of the rocks required to do a decent job, meant that it made the most sense to get the professionals – Flogardens.  Locals. 

Here’s a photo history of how the pool has grown.