Building a house is complex.  Yesterday we had a visit from the CEO of the Imagine Kit Homes company, and he told us that ours is 11 out of 10 for complexity. So it would be a challenge for an experienced builder, let alone a new owner-builder.   He also said that our home would be called Maddy, after his daughter. Not sure if that means she’s also complex. But definitely beautiful and awesome 🙂

We did break land-speed records for getting our DA approved, once it was submitted.  So we assumed the build would progress in a similar manner. We had the minor delusion that the concrete slab would get poured by Christmas, and we would finish building by late April.  Ha.

They don’t tell n00bs that building information is delivered trickle-feed. There are the plans submitted to council, addressing core environmental and structual concerns, including soil tests. Then you get the actual build plans, with a lot more detail. You get a Basix review, which may add a few more requirements on windows and thermal requirements. And then you get the engineering specifications, requiring additional soil and wind tests. This is where we met our first hurdle.  

We had lined up a lovely concrete slab guy who was available in December. But we only received the engineering specs for the slab in early December. That was when we learned that the slab used waffle pod construction. A service that our slab guy didn’t offer.

We tried to get quotes from multiple concreters, and finally found one who said he was free in January.  But weather and unexpected delays to his schedule somehow grew into a March start date. We were entering the wonderful world of tradie schedules.  

The house does look a little large, but there was method in our madness. When we were planning the layout, one of my sons was initially going to come up from Sydney, so the downstairs area was planned to give him some independence. And Carl’s mum is to come and stay every third month – so one of the front bedrooms (with an awesome view) was designed for easy access to a bathroom. And after looking at display homes they all seemed to have a media room.  So we added one of those.    We looked through all the designs from ImagineKitHomes, chose a nice one for a sloping block, then asked for modifications to maximise the view to the south-west, for the beautiful sunsets and mountain views.

So here’s a photo history of how the build has been progressing.  Enjoy